Input and output

Input and output


Input materials

The Eldan system is equipped for recycling of refrigerators, which operates with CFC/pentane gasses/fluid. The main advantages of the line are that it does not allow harmful substances to evaporate into the atmosphere and in the same time achieve efficient recycling of the solid materials.  
The Refrigerator Recycling plant is designer for crushing of fridges of up to a maximum size of 2000 x 1200 x 1000 mm. (larger units must be reduced in size before processing). 

Output fractions

During the process the refrigerator is downsized and separated into:
•    Fe (smaller than 40 mm, ready for re-sale)
•    PUR pellets (these are usable in incineration plants)
•    Organic fraction (mainly plastic, ready for re-sale)
•    Non-ferrous metal (ready for re-sale)

The remainder of the refrigerator is degasified into:
•    Stage I: Oil and CFC/pentane/butane gasses are sucked to the CFC/oil suction unit. The gas is separated from the oil and the gas is collected in closed gas vessels. The oil is pumped out into an open vessel. Rest gas in the oil is less 0,05%. The gas is recovered up to 99%.
•    Stage II: Some of the nitrogen used to reduce the oxygen level in the cutting chamber of the fridge tower is recovered and recycled in a closed circuit system to minimize the consumption. The gasses are collected in closed gas vessels.  The gas is recovered up to 99%.