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Tyre Recycling


Tyre Recycling


The Eldan Tyre Shredding System uses a modular approach to the recycling of whole car and truck tyres including super singles, earth mover tyres, OTR tyres and many more. The modular system allows you to invest as much or as little as you wish, whilst ensuring that it's always possible to add to the system as required. As a large number of combinations can be supplied, it is possible to produce a variety of end products such as shreds, chips, granulate and powder.

Like all Eldan equipment, the Eldan Tyre Shredding System is designed to meet market requirements and individual machines can easily be adjusted to other fraction sizes, merely by changing the screen size in the machines. An added advantage of using an Eldan System is that de-beading of the tyres is not required prior to processing.

A complete Eldan Tyre Shredding System - including everything from Pre-Chopping to Separation - can be divided into the following stages:

  • Pre-Chopping in the Super Chopper
  • Granulation in the Multi Purpose Rasper
  • Fine-Granulation in the Fine-Granulators
  • Textile and steel separation in the Classifiers and Aspirator

The above main machines are linked together by Buffer Silos, Belt Conveyors, Vibrating Conveyors, Screw Conveyors and Pneumatic Material Transport.


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