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Super Chopper SC1412T

        Super Chopper                Super Chopper


The Super Chopper is responsible for the Pre-Chopping stage, where the main size reduction of the material takes place. The machine is a powerful, low-speed, single or dual-shaft pre-chopper and is able to process complete car and truck tyres, including super singles, and reduce these down to 150 - 300 mm rubber shreds.

Click here to view a video of the Super Chopper 


Motor* 160 kW 
Power** 3 x 400 V - 50 Hz 
Rotor 1400 mm / 22 rpm 
Knives 12 flying / 7 static 
Hägglund motor* CB 400 
Capacity per hour*** Up to 5 - 12 tonnes per hour
Weight**** Approx. 13000 kg
Dimensions**** 2200 x 3500 x 3000 mm (length x height x width)


* Standard (other combinations available on request)
** Standard voltage
*** Depending on input material
**** Excluding Power Pack

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