Classifier PC15

Classifier PC15            Classifier PC15


The Eldan Classifier PC15 is responsible for the second stage of liberated steel and textile removal in the Eldan Tyre Shredding Plant.

It consists of 2 layers of screens with bottom trays arranged in a vertical stack - the upper screens having holes and the bottom trays having no holes.

The material is fed into the machine at the inlet, where the feed roller equally distributes the material onto the two screen layers. During operation the screens oscillate, causing the granules to settle on the two levels depending on the actual size of the material. The rubber granules will land on the bottom tray through vibration while the textile remains on the upper screen layers.

Bouncing rubber balls will effectively keep the screens from clogging. The screens themselves can be changed very easily for processing different sizes of rubber granulate.



Motor for feed and screen section* 1,5 kW, 3 ph, 400 V, 50 Hz 
Screening area 4,8 m2
Air volume Approx. 2000 m3 / hour
100 mm water column
Capacity** Up to 3 tonnes per production hour
Weight Approx. 1900 kg
Dimensions 2750 x 1900 x 3300 mm (length x width x height)


* Standard voltage
** Depending on size, steel and textile content in the input material and the desired output size 

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