Aspirator UP1500

Aspirator          Aspirator


The Eldan Aspirator is designed to separate the textile from the rubber granules and classify the rubber granules into three sizes. In order to do this, the Aspirator combines two separation devices: a dust suction system that removes the dust fraction and a three screen Classifier that separates the textile and classifies the rubber into three fractions.

The material is fed to the machine at the inlet, where the feed roller distributes the material. From the feed roller the material is led into a light particle extractor channel, where the light fluff particles are sucked away from the material. The major part of the fluff is then separated out in the aspiration chamber, where ventilators lead the light fraction to a possible cyclone.

The material is now led to the screen section, where the sizing takes place. The short upper screen removes the remaining fluff particles. The long screen removes the large rubber particles and the small rubber particles passing through this screen are divided equally on to each of the two sorting screens in the bottom of the screen section.

The Aspirator is a precision cleaner that is able to handle capacities of up to 4 - 6 tonnes per hour. The machine performs with high cleaning efficiency on a wide range of rubber granules and powder.



Power* 1,5 kW, 3 ph, 400 V, 50 Hz
Screening area 12 m2
Air volume Approx. 11000 m3 per hour
100 mm water column
Capacity** 2 - 3 tonnes per production hour
Weight                                               Approx. 3300 kg
Dimensions 3750 x 2400 x 4500 mm
(length x width x height)


* Standard voltage
** The estimated capacities are based on rubber granules with a max. size of 5 mm and a max. textile content of 5%

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