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Refrigerator Recycling

Refrigerator Recycling

The Eldan Refrigerator Recycling System is the ideal solution for refrigerator recycling. With over 50 years experience in the recycling industry, Eldan's systems are amongst the leaders in technology and performance. The Eldan Refrigerator Recycling System is able to crush a range of refrigerators up to a maximum size of 2000 x 1200 x 1000 mm (height x width x depth). Fridges larger than this must be reduced to this measurement before processing.

A complete Eldan Fridge Recycling System, including everything from pre-chopping to separation, can be divided into the following stages:



During this first stage the fridges are unloaded and pre-classified. The cords are cut off and the glass inserts are delivered to special containers. All CFC-gasses, Pentane gas, Isobutan gas and oil are extracted and the compressors are dismantled.



The fridges are then transported to the Fridge Tower through a sluice. The Fridge Tower is a unique integrated unit which combines the Super Chopper and the Heavy
Pre-Granulator. This makes one inert cutting chamber possible, thereby eliminating the risk of fire and explosion. The output size from the Fridge Tower is approximately 30 mm.



The next step in the process involves separating the PUR foam and transporting it to the Pelletizer. This is done by the Zig-Zag Wind-Separator. In the Pelletizer the PUR foam is pressed into pellets. At the same time, the remaining CFC gas is sucked out into the CFC/Pentane Liquefaction System.

The Fe particles are separated out by the overband magnet. The remaining fraction is passed over the Eddy Current Separator, where it is separated into aluminium/Cu and plastic fractions.




Stage 1 - CFC/Oil Suction Unit

Oil and CFC/Pentane/Butane gasses are sucked to the CFC/Oil Suction Unit. The gas is separated from the oil and collected in closed gas vessels. The oil is pumped out into an open vessel.


Stage 2 - CFC/Pentane Liquefaction System

The nitrogen used to reduce the oxygen level in the cutting chamber of the Fridge Tower is recovered and recycled in a closed circuit system to minimise the consumption. The gasses are collected in closed gas vessels.


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