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Municipal Waste Shredding

PreShred 1000S

The M&J PreShred 1000S stationary waste shredder makes it easy to cater to individual requirements for chassis heights and conveyor lengths. This model is available with different electric motors to match the material and the required capacity. Electro-hydraulic and diesel-hydraulic versions are available. This compact electrostatic hydraulic unit can be mounted in any position.

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PreShred 2000S

The M&J PreShred 2000S is a single-shaft waste shredder with a cutting table that is almost as big as the M&J PreShred 4000.This enables you to load the shredder with a front wheel loader, feeding conveyor or a bridge crane. Automatic reversal and shredding in both directions prevent any material from wrapping around the shaft.

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PreShred 4000S

The M&J PreShred 4000S is a large waste shredder capable of effectively and reliably shredding virtually any type of material. This waste shredder is designed to meet the special needs of plants in which the incoming material varies greatly in terms of size and composition and can contain unknown quantities of steel, stones and concrete.

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PreShred 4000 Mobile

It features all the robustness and strength of the PreShred 4000 model, with the added benefits of being easier to operate, more efficient to run and easier to service, all of which helps to reduce running costs.

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PreShred 6000S

The M&J PreShred 6000S is one of the largest PreShredders on the market, and is capable of shredding large volumes of any kind of waste. The unit is ideal when there is a need for very high capacities or for shredding material that is either extremely bulky or very heavy.

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