The Pre-Granulator, as the first machine in the line, is responsible for the pre-chopping stage. The input to the Pre-Granulator is petroleum-based jelly filled telecommunication cables and these should ideally be cut to lengths of 200 - 400 mm. While the cables are reduced in the Pre-Granulator it is necessary to dissolve the jelly present in the cables. This is done by injecting a constant spray of hot water from the Water System. The cables are reduced down to approximately 15 - 25 mm fraction sizes in the Pre-Granulator. However, the size of the final output fraction can be determined by the screen size installed in the machine. The material then passes an Overband Magnet before being transported to the Fine Granulator. 



Rotor length 1200 mm
Rotor diameter 332 mm
Rotor speed 120 rpm
Knives 12 flying / 3 static
Motor 90 kW, 3 x 415 V - 50 Hz
1400 rpm
Weight of machine Approx. 8600 kg
Weight of inlet hopper Approx. 500 kg
Dimensions 1760 x 3000 x 3200 (l x w x h)


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