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Fine Granulator FG952

    Fine Granulator        Fine Granulator


This machine is a high-speed, single shaft Fine Granulator and is incorporated at two important stages of the Eldan Tyre Shredding Plant . The first Fine Granulator is responsible for the first stage of granulation. It liberates up to 50% of the textile contained in the tyres. The textile is then removed in the Classifier PC10.

The material passes under an Overband Magnet, where liberated steel will be removed from the rubber granulate. At this stage, the material undergoes the second and final stage of granulation. If any steel or textile remains, it is liberated at this point and the steel is once again removed by an Overband Magnet. The Classifier PC15 then removes 40% of the textile fraction before the rubber granules move on to be separated and classified by the Aspirator.




Rotor length 950 mm
Rpm of motor 475 rpm
Knives 12 flying / 4 static
Motor 75 kW / 1480 rpm
Power* 3 ph, 400 V, 50 Hz
Capacity** Up to 3500 kg per hour
Weight Approx. 4400 kg
Dimensions 1940 x 1960 x 2800 mm (length x width x height)



* Standard voltage
** Depending on input material, method of feeding and screen size


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