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Multi Purpose Rasper

Multi Purpose RasperMulti Purpose Rasper         








The Multi Purpose Rasper is an effective, medium-speed dual drive rasper responsible for the size reduction of the underground cables. The final granulate size can be determined by the screen size installed in the machine and this can be altered to suit the customer's specific needs. The steel fraction is removed by an Overband Magnet installed after the Multi Purpose Rasper.

Below are the technical specifications of a Multi Purpose Rasper type MPR120. A range of Multi Purpose Raspers are available with capacities up to 10 000 kg per production hour, depending on the input material, method of feeding and screen size. Depending on the customer's specific requirements, any of the three models in the range may be incorporated into the Cable Recycling Line.

The material then passes through an Eldan Wind Sifter to remove the paper and insulation.



Motor 1 x 132 kW / 750 rpm
Power* 3 x 400 V - 50 Hz
Rotor 1200 mm / 144 rpm
Opening at cutting chamber 600 x 1200 mm
Knives 15 flying / 16 static
Capacity per hour** Up to 7000 kg
Weight 19 000 kg
Dimensions 2600 x 3000 x 4350 mm (length x width x height)

Click here to view a video of the Multi Purpose Rasper

* Standard voltage
** Depending on input material, method of feeding and screen size

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