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Fine Granulator FG476

 Fine Granulator  Fine Granulator

After pre-chopping in the Multi Purpose Rasper, the chopped cables undergo further size reduction in the Fine Granulator. The machine is a high-speed, single shaft Fine Granulater used for the final granulation stage and opening of the cables. The size of the fraction is typically 4 - 7 mm granulate.

Eldan's series of Fine Granulators are able to process capacities up to 4500 kg per production hour, depending on the type of material.



Rotor length 475 mm
Rpm of motor 475 rpm
Knives 6 flying / 2 static
Motor 45 kW / 1480 rpm
Power* 3 ph, 400 V, 50 Hz
Capacity** Up to 2000 kg / hour
Weight Approx. 3400 kg
Dimensions 1900 x 1250 2800 mm (length x width x height)

Click here to view a video of the fine granulator

* Standard voltage
** Depending on input material, method of feeding and screen size

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